Adult & Teen challenge not only provides a recovery program, it provides a restoration program. When lives are restored through the teachings of Jesus, they are changed forever.

Matthew West blessed us by taking time out of his very busy day to come and visit with Adult & Teen Challenge Columbus. He share from his heart with our students and also sang many of his songs. Thank you Matthew for your love, your dedication, and all you do to build God's Kingdom! We love you and we are praying for you!


The inspiration behind the song, "Hello, My Name Is" came when Matthew West received a message from a young man, Jordan, who had lost everything due to drug addiction. Jordan was given a new beginning when he attended Teen Challenge and learned about the power of Christ to change lives.

"I read Jordan’s story and couldn’t help but wonder how many people in the world are walking around defined by the defeat and the regret of past mistakes, believing the lie that they will never be able to kick an old habit or move on from yesterday’s mistakes. Jordan’s story is powerful proof that we are not defined by our past. God can restore, redeem, and renew our hearts and lives." - Matthew West

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