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Mission and Vision

Our vision is to help women with life-controlling problems reach the point where they can function as a Christian in society, applying biblical principles to relationships in the family, local church, chosen vocation, and community.


Organization's History

Adult & Teen Challenge Columbus first opened its doors in 1970, then known as Teen Challenge for Girls. It was first located on E. 12th street until the fall of 1996, when it relocated to the present location on Innis Rd. Adult & Teen Challenge is a non-profit organization designed to assist women in the areas of life-controlling issues such as alcohol and drug addiction.

Current Programs

The four phases of the residential program at Adult & Teen Challenge Columbus consist of induction, training, and transitional components for a total of 14 months. The first three phases include intensive Bible study. The fourth phase is a transitional one which includes additional community interaction. All four phases must be completed in order to graduate.

**Students coming from the court system must complete all 14 months.

Often, it is the lack of a disciplined schedule that increases susceptibility to unhealthy habits. Self-studies, work details, group therapy, daily chapel, and physical activities are included in the daily activities.

Interaction with people outside the Center is therapeutic for the students. Some are shy and timid around others, but it usually doesn't take them long to be comfortable in group settings. This is promoted through the following: church attendance, travel to other churches, schools and assemblies to share in song and to give their testimonies.




Constituency and Geographic Region

Adult & Teen Challenge International is the largest program of its kind in the world. Established in 1958 by David Wilkerson, Teen Challenge has grown to more than 188 centers in the United States and more than 250 centers in 80 other countries. Each center is autonomous, being financially supported by individuals, churches, student fees, and businesses within the area it serves. We also encourage those who would like to sponsor one or more of our students to do so by calling the office at 614-476-4600 for more information.


A Typical Day at Adult & Teen Challenge, Columbus

The day here at Adult & Teen Challenge Columbus begins at 6am, yes 6am! Showers, personal devotions, breakfast and chapel is always a good start to anyone's morning. The students then get ready to go to the learning center where they will work on various studies depending on the day of the week.

They will be involved in group studies and personal studies which work together to help develop a well rounded program for student discipleship fundamentals. Personal studies are designed for each student allowing the teacher to address the specific needs of each student. They also create an opportunity for the students to be authentic and to be open with the teacher. We also have a weekly Christian 12step group class that is led by trained facilitators.

They are often busy keeping the home and the grounds beautiful and well as doing various works in the community. They also learn to be comfortable speaking before large groups of people. They attend regular aerobic and stretching classes as well. The students who come to Adult & Teen Challenge will have all the tools necessary by the time they are ready to complete to live victorious lives in their homes as well as in their communities.

This is all made possible because of what Jesus did on the cross which is most valuable, because of dedicated staff who give of themselves endlessly and also because of our volunteers and our donors who faithfully give and believe in the mission given to us by the Lord.


God Bless,

Linda Hercenberg

Executive Director

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